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Recent contributions include a chapter on Sport Governance in Sport Government in Contemporary Issues in Sport Management Sage Publications

Sociology on Line Special Section Introduction: The Political Sociologies of Sport by Paul Gilchrist, Russell Holden and Peter Millward University of Brighton, In the Zone Sport and Politics Consultancy, Liverpool John Moores University

This special section presents five articles from established and emerging scholars that coalesce around the theme of ‘political sociologies of sport’ that have grown out of the activities of the Political Studies Association’s Sport and Politics Specialist Study Group.

A chapter on Cricket Identity In the Politics of Sports, Community, Mobility and Identity co-edited with Paul Gilchrist


Russell is currently writing a new book commissioned by Routledge due to be published in late 2017 entitled

The State of British Cricket in Contemporary Life: The Declining Role of Cricket in the National Psyche.

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Russell is available to write commissioned pieces on many aspects of the connections between sport and politics regardless of whether the demand is for a contemporary or historical focus

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Russell is a regular reviewer of new titles in the field of Sport Sociology, Sport History and Sport Writing,

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